• Physical Therapy Visit: $125/ visit (mobile) $115 in clinic.

    1 hour session

    Physical therapy visits are for those with injury or chronic pain. A thorough PT evaluation is required to find the root cause of your symptoms and develop a solid plan of care in order to return to function and reach your goals!


  • Restore Visit: $80/ visit (In clinic only)

    45 minute session.

    The Restore visit is a wellness service for those dealing with specific pains and/or limitations with performance but are not significantly limited in their daily life.  This is not a medically necessary service and may only be needed on a maintenance basis. 

    • Includes: Dry Needling and follow up accessory work


  • Dry Needling Only: $70 (mobile) $60 (in clinic).

    30 minute session

    Only after a paid evaluation. More often than not, dry needling is temporary and there are often functional deficits in mobility and strength that are leading to pain. Only after a thorough evaluation and/or completed plan of care, will dry needling alone help you to reach your goals.   


  • Mobility Assessment and Program: $50

        Know you need to work on your mobility but don't know where to start? Get a through assessment along with a 4 week program to tackle your mobility limitations in an effective and efficient way.


  • PACKAGES: (PT Only)

    1. Ramp-Up: 8 visits for $820

    • 10% discount

    • Includes:

      • Phases 1 and 2 of “ Road to Resilience”

      • Manual Therapy and Dry Needling as needed.


    2. Resilient Package: 12 visits for $1200 

    • 13% discount

    • Includes:

      • Phases 1, 2 and 3 of “Road to Resilience”

      • Manual Therapy and Dry Needling as needed.


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