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Cartersville, GA
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Building Resilient Humans


Resilient Physio is a single provider Physical Therapy Practice that operates as a hybrid model; treating patients both in the clinic and mobile. Resilient Physio treats out of CrossFit Adrenaline in Cartersville, GA or can travel within 15 miles of Cartersville, GA.

Resilient Physio is an Out of Network Provider, meaning I do not bill your insurance. 

Resilient Physio is not an in-network clinic as I feel that the current healthcare system places too many restrictions and limitations to provide the best care. As a cash practice, I am able to give the best quality care where YOU are in charge, not your insurance company.  Resilient Physio provides personalized one-on-one care that is specific to each individuals needs and goals.

Additionally, Georgia has partial direct access, meaning you do not need a physician referral for PT. However, many insurance companies still require a referral. In most cases, seeing a physician first is an unnecessary step that will delay care and increase the overall cost to you. Through direct access, I am able to treat you for 8 visits or 21 days (whichever comes first) prior to attaining a prescription from a physician. 

By choosing Resilient Physio, you are choosing to invest in yourself.  You will actually save time and money overall while getting the care you require and deserve. Resilient Physio is here to help YOU become a Resilient Human in the gym, at home, at work and in your community.


Dr. Emily Kraft PT, DPT

Dr. Emily Kraft has been practicing in Metro Atlanta since 2017 when she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Emory University. She has been involved in CrossFit since 2018. Emily is very passionate about helping adults build resilience in their life. Dr. Kraft utilizes an evidence-based, fitness forward approach and focuses on the full person. Although you will be building resilience to your body through increased strength and mobility, she is equally passionate about helping YOU build resilience to chronic disease. Emily's goal as a provider is to help YOU avoid surgery, medications and procedures by developing the healthy habits that will lead you to becoming a Resilient Human.


Road to Resilience

Phase 1: Management, Mindset & Mobility: 2-4 weeks


These first 2-4 weeks are CRUCIAL in your Road to Resilience. In this phase we will work on pain management, teaching you natural ways to control your pain. We will also focus on your mindset around pain and your perceived limitations- THIS is a big one.  Lastly, this phase will focus on mobility.


Phase 2: Dialing In: 2-4 weeks


This phase focuses on neuromuscular facilitation and motor pattern clean up. This is essential to rewire your body after an injury or after years of poor movement. This phase will help you adopt appropriate movement patterns that will aid in your longevity of exercise habits.


Phase 3: Resilience: 4-8 weeks... FOR LIFE.


This is the phase where we will work together as a team to work on strengthening and habit building in order to solidify your journey to becoming a Resilient Human.


"Emily is very knowledgeable on movement. She has helped me numerous times. Exceptional Therapist."

Robert- Cartersville, GA

"Emily, is very knowledgeable on movement. She has helped me numerous times on my shoulder and my neck .I would recommend her to anyone in need for P/T. Exceptional Therapist."

Ken- Dallas, GA

"As a Veteran and a former athlete, my body has seen its share of injury. Emily helped me physically and mentally overcome obstacles I had been struggling with for years. She pushed me to realize that my body is strong and won’t fail me if I continually put in the work. She asked about my goals for treatment and took the time and effort to plan out exercises and stretches tailored specifically to my needs.  I feel like a new woman and finally able to run around with my kids pain free! Emily is kind, passionate about her work and a great motivator through both her words and actions. It is always a plus when you’re being treated by someone who practices what they preach! I am forever grateful for a friendly, positive experience!"

Julie- Dallas, GA

"Emily is a movement specialist and I would recommend her to all family and friends!"

Seth- Dallas, GA

"I can’t say enough amazing things about Emily. She helped me at my lowest, after a car accident left me broken physically, mentally and emotionally. Emily’s skills as a PT helped me to regain my strength and ability to walk and run with confidence. Inspired by her passion for health and fitness, I got the courage to do my first savage race! I never imaged that I’d be able to complete 6.2 miles with obstacles a year after multiple pelvic fractures! Thank you forever, Emily!!"

Dawnette- Douglasville, GA

Find the root cause of your pain and learn to become a
Resilient Human. 
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